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A look at our 2015 wedding season. Edmonton wedding photography.

It’s been a few months since we photographed our last LAST wedding. In case you missed our announcement a few months ago, our 2015 wedding season was our last.

This wedding season was special, not only because it was the final one, but because we really let our guard down and let our photos do the talking. We could not be happier with our work from this year and the absolutely wonderful brides & grooms who trusted us to capture their beautiful love stories.

So here you go, Diamond Cake Wedding’s final bow.

There you have it.

“My past behind me like a ponytail” – Drake


Kelsie & Christina

A look at our 2014 weddings. Edmonton Wedding Photography.

We can’t believe 2014 has come to an end! Feels like just yesterday it was beginning. We had some amazing couples this year and we want to say thank you to everyone we met, photographed and hung out with while wedding-ing. We appreciate the support and love for Diamond Cake. It means a lot to us. We are looking forward to our 2015 wedding season and all the exciting changes we are brewing up for the new year!

We definitely fell off the blogging train awhile back. So, to make up for that we’ve put together some of our favorite images from this year.

We shot weddings in Mexico, on farms, in Churches and in the rain & dead heat. But they all included lots of joy, love and kissing.


That’s a wrap!

see you in 2015


Kelsie & Christina

Art Gallery of Alberta. Edmonton Wedding Photography. Cheri & Grant.


We are keeping the ball rolling with ANOTHER blog post (less than a week since the last one? AH-mazing!). Today we bring you Cheri & Grants lovely wedding day from way back in May!

This day was soooo fun and chill. We really enjoyed being a part of it. We could probably go on and on but we’ll let the photos do all the talking!

Happy almost 6 month-iverasry you two!


Kelsie & Christina

Valentin Imperial resort. Edmonton Wedding photography. Jody & Marty.

We had the best time photographing Jody & Marty’s Mexico wedding in January. It was a great week and even better wedding day! The day was full of smiling, sunshine and love. Oh, and LOTS of partying at the reception!

The morning started with excitement! Even on social media.

Thank you again to Jody & Marty for having us be a part of their wedding day.


Kelsie & Christina

Now Jade Resort. edmonton wedding photography. Emma & Chris.

We are throwing it way back to November when we were at the beautiful Now Jade resort in Cancun, Mexico for Chris & Emma’s wedding.

This wedding really was a treat! Chris & Emma really wanted the focus to be not just on their love but the love they have for their families & friends. Their parents were a large part of the ceremony and it was just an all around lovefest! Lots of smiling and laughing. The whole day was very laid back and the party? UM…it was a good one! Major dance party!

Congrats again to Chris & Emma! We love you guys!


Kelsie & Christina