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Janelle & Nate. Edmonton Engagement Photography. Paisley Sculptures.

So… I know we haven’t blogged in roughly a hundred years. We have been a bit busy and refocusing our focus on a lot of fresh and exciting projects, so keep an eye out for those coming your way very soon. but we are going to change our status of blog silence right now with a lovely little engagement session we shot with Janelle and Nate. We were inspired to shoot with and around these cool graphic paisley sculptures and also to frolic with some balloons in their gorgeous colour scheme for their 2015 wedding. So enjoy the photos, show them some love in the comments and I promise it won’t be another hundred years before we post again. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelsie & Christina


Vancouver Brock House Restaurant Wedding

This wedding was very special for us. Not only was it our first time shooting in Vancouver, it was also a chance to celebrate with an old friend. Our bride, Brittany  grew up with Christina. It truly meant the world that she asked Diamond Cake to capture her big day.

And what a day it was! These two, along with their amazing families, put together a gorgeous wedding, start to finish. We were bursting with excitement the entire time. Every detail was perfect and these two made it a real treat with their movie star good looks. On lookers were even snapping photos of them with their iPhones and iPads while Brittany’s bridesmaids told them “she is REALLY famous, you should probably get photos, it’ll be in the paper tomorrow”.

Brittany was a stunning bride, and Tyler has some of the best hair we have ever photographed!

To put it simply we adore these two and are excited to share their photos with you!

Thank you again to Brittany & Tyler and both their families. It was such a joy to photograph you on your wedding day. We can’t wait for you to see the rest!


Kelsie & Christina