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Jane. Edmonton Portrait Photography.

Jane is a very dear friend of Diamond Cake. So when she asked if we could take some photos of her practicing ballroom in the studio we obviously said yes! Jane is an amazing dancer and it was fun to spend some time with her at the studio!



Hudson. Edmonton portrait photographer.

Hudson is by far the most stylish little one we’ve photographed. He was such a trooper! We had a lot of fun with him and his mom. Be sure to leave him lots of comment love!



Mat. edmonton portrait session.

Mat is a very good friend of diamond cake and a very talented actor here in edmonton. He needed some new headshots and once those were out of the way we had a little fun. The camera loves him and his gorgeous baby blues!



Kelsie & Cody.

While we were in Cabo shooting a destination wedding this past week I snapped a few photos of my gorgeous partner and her amazing husband cody. These two are so perfect for eachother and they just happened to match one of the nights we went out to dinner so, obviously i snapped some shots to capture their cuteness!
These two were married almost 2 years ago at their own fabulous destination wedding in tulum, mexico. Please note that none of these (minus the adorable bartender photos) were posed. just perfect love captured with a camera while we waited to eat. I am so grateful to be in business with my best friend and i am even more grateful that she has such a great husband that i get along great with! These two are some of the greatest people in the world!
and heres a couple snaps of Kelsie and I that Cody took…what do you think? should Diamond Cake give him a shot?

welcome to diamond day

Introducing diamond cake’s DIAMOND DAY.

Diamond Day is way to keep ourselves inspired and to inspire others! We are going to do one diamond day every month with different themes and set ups! We love propping and being creative and thats something we really want to share with all of you!

For January’s we wanted to just have some fun and introduce diamond day in a big way! Lots of colour and festivity to bring in the new year! We are so excited for everything that is coming up in 2011, including many more Diamond days!!

Take a look at our “behind the scenes” fun. We haven’t really done much filming before so in the next months i’m sure you’ll see more of the behind the scenes…this ones just for fun!

Introducing Diamond Day!! from Diamond Cake on Vimeo.

Enjoy and let us know what you think of diamond day!