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Adyson’s 1st birthday!

Adyson and her family are new friends of Diamond Cake and we can’t wait to work with them again! Adyson’s birthday was full of cake smashing, costume changes and lots and lots of presents for the birthday girl! She is so adorable and just beamed for the camera!

Thanks to Jordain and Ben for letting us share in her 1st birthday!

The Birthday girl!!



Hipster birthday fest. april diamond day.


we decided that to celebrate we’d throw a “hipster” themed birthday party. I was so amazed at the effort everyone put into to look effortlessly cooler than everyone else. AMAZING! And decorating was way too much fun since it didn’t actually have to look “good” haha. obscure drinks, loud noise music, skinny jeans, facial hair and chest tattoos rounded out the evening quite nicely!

everyone had to “sign my blog” and there was temporary knuckle tattoos for whoever wanted them.

There was cake and AMAZING gifts from my fabulous friends. look at the diamond painting that my friend paul did (he knows me too well) isn’t it gorgeous!? and yes, that is the entire boyband ‘NSYNC in the form of bobbleheads. That gift came from diamond cake’s very own kelsie!

and to honor DIAMOND CAKE paul made the greatest chest tattoo of all time! who thinks he should get that permanently? we most certainly do! walking advertisement!!

plastic framed glasses were obviously a staple of the night…insta-hipster! those real-d 3-d ones work quite nicely!

Then we had more than a little fun hamming it up for our streamer-booth!

HAPPY HIPSTER BIRTHDAY CHRISTINA! and happy diamond day to all our fans! as always we hope you enjoyed the post and we welcome any feedback!




Young Artist birthday dream!

We had the pleasure of photography Jilly’s 6th birthday party! Her parents won one of the feature auction packages that was auctioned off at the Snowflake Gala this year. Jilly and her friends got to explore the AGA, do a fun art project to take home and make pasta dough with the cook from Zinc. It was a lot of fun hanging out with all the little girls! I’m sure it will be hard to top this birthday party!