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Monthly Archives: December 2014

A look at our 2014 weddings. Edmonton Wedding Photography.

We can’t believe 2014 has come to an end! Feels like just yesterday it was beginning. We had some amazing couples this year and we want to say thank you to everyone we met, photographed and hung out with while wedding-ing. We appreciate the support and love for Diamond Cake. It means a lot to us. We are looking forward to our 2015 wedding season and all the exciting changes we are brewing up for the new year!

We definitely fell off the blogging train awhile back. So, to make up for that we’ve put together some of our favorite images from this year.

We shot weddings in Mexico, on farms, in Churches and in the rain & dead heat. But they all included lots of joy, love and kissing.


That’s a wrap!

see you in 2015


Kelsie & Christina