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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Becky & Jason. Drayton Valley Wedding Photography.

Becky & Jason had such a fun wedding. The whole day was filled with lots of joking and lots of smiles. But we should have expected that…this is the couple that had a major paint fight for the engagement session.The wedding was much less messy!

Jason gave his groomsmen socks and underwear to wear on the wedding day! Super cute and the colours matched the wedding perfectly!

Jason’s boss let the happy couple use his snazzy pink car! It was such an awesome treat!

Becky gave her bridesmaids flasks with fancy guarder holders. So obviously the girls immediately put them on!

The Ceremony was so nice and intimate, held on Jason’s parents property.

Congratulations and Thanks again to Becky & Jason for including us on their wedding day!



Leah & Brennan. Sasktoon Engagment Session

This session almost didn’t happen, a bunch of bad timing and lack of being in the same place at the same time almost killed it. BUT then we decided to meet up in Saskatoon while Leah &Brennan were visiting family. Diamond Cake rolled into Saskatoon for a solid 24hrs and photographed one of our favorite engagement session to date! We took full advantage of all Saskatoon had to offer, even the Saskatoon Exhibition! It was an awesome day and we had so much fun with these two!

Leah and Brennan are both musical theater fans…so this was a must!

And then the eating of delicious treats began!

Thanks to Leah & Brennan for showing us such a good time in Saskatoon! Be sure to leave these lovebirds some comments and stay tuned for their amazing wedding coming soon!




Billy & Shannon. Stony Plain Wedding Photography.

We trully adore Billy and Shannon and can not be happier that chose us to be a part of their beautiful wedding. It was such a pleasure getting to spend the day with them, their bridal party and their wonderful families.

We loved all the beautiful red details and how much Billy loves his car! The burn out was his request and we have to say it might just be one of our new favorite things to shoot!

Thanks again to Billy and Shannon, and congrats again. We wish you all the best!

The ceremony was held at Billy and Shannon’s good friend’s ranch. it was absolutely stunning and pretty much the perfect location for a summer wedding.


We are always a fan of weddings that have candy bars. Great snacks for the ride home 😉



TIFF’11. September Diamond Day.

For September’s Diamond Day, we are doing something a little different. I want to share some photos from my trip to Toronto.

Every year for the past 3 years my brother and I head over to Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival. This year was no different! It’s something we look forward to all year and the process of getting our ticket packages and getting to see all the movies that we want to see while there is quite a stressful one. In the end we were lucky enough to have pretty much the perfect schedule! This year we saw 18 films in 6 days. That’s a record for us. And I have to say that it was the best year yet!

The first thing we encountered right when we arrived was spotting Mr.Brainwash doing an interview and setting up his installations near the box office. It was pretty cool to see him in person. He is EXACTLY the same as he was in the film “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.

We tried to get a photo with him but he was far too busy taggin’ everything

After our first brush with fame we picked up all our tickets…and i say ALL because there are A LOT of them. Also a few goodies from the gift shop.

Let the movie going begin!

The red carpets are a lot of fun, seeing all the celebs arrive and looking super fancy. But it’s really great when you get to hear them speak about the film itself, and maybe ask a few questions. Out of all 18 films we saw only 2 of them didn’t have a Q&A afterward. Which was a pleasant surprise as not all the films we saw were premieres or special presentations.

I don’t usual ask any of the celebrities for photos when I’m snapping shots on the red carpet. But Justin Long was being so nice signing autographs for as many people as his PR people would let him, I just had to ask! This was my first time actually getting a photo WITH someone. It was pretty exciting, we spoke a bit too. Very cool experience.

‘Shame’ was both my brother and I’s most anticipated film and we were very excited to be attending the North American premiere and to have Micheal Fassbender attending. There was a lot of buzz that he wasn’t going to back it back for the premier after flying to Venice to accept his best actor award…we waited nervously. Then they presented him and we were SO excited to get to listen to him and director Steve Mcqueen talk about the fantastic film.

OH! and I also spoted James Franco in the audience…snapped a shot for Kelsie, she’s got a major crush on him.

and here’s a little peek at TIFF through the eyes of my iphone.

We had a blast, and as usual we will be back next year!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post…something a little more personal!