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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Jared & Daidre. Edmonton engagement session.

We absolutely adore these two! From the moment we met them we knew we would love every moment spent with them!

For their engagement session they decided back in December that they wanted to wait till the summer, so after our long, awful winter the sun finally arrived! But when they went to check out the location the two of them had originally hoped for, it had been taken over! Fortunately driving around one day they stumbled upon an amazing location with tons of broken down buildings and lots of greenery. The owners of the farm were super nice to let us use their home for some pretty fantastic photos!

Oh, and yes that is their VW van. Is it not perfection?

 These two were such troopers! they climbed through a window to get into this little house!

We asked Jared and Daidre to skip….it was pretty hilarious, but i’d say Jared was a natural!

We are so excited to photograph Daidre & Jared’s wedding in August! Leave these two some love in the comments and don’t forget to “like” the post and our facebook page.



Jacqueline & Shawn. Edmonton Engagement Session.

Jacqueline and Shawn’s wedding is coming up quick! So an engagement session is a little late, but it was a fabulous day none the less…well minus the savage mosquitos! We went to the Muttart Conservatory and got some lovely views of the city. These two are so adorable together, you can really see their love in these photos.

We are so looking forward to the wedding in just over a week!!

Shawn was so playful! He would pick Jacqueline up and swing her around any chance he got!


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Kelsie & Christina

Fancy Royal Birthday. July Diamond Day.

happy birthday to diamond cake’s Kelsie!!!

Kelsie decided for her birthday that she wanted to celebrate the royal way. That is, with fancy hates and fancy eats! Lot’s of floral and pink decorations along with champagne and delicious cupcakes, made it extra special. Our friend even made cucumber sandwiches, fitting for THE queen! All the ladies showed up in their finest headwear and we had a little too much fun posing for photos looking like the posh royals we are!

Kelsie did all the yummy baking and the pretty flowers came from her brothers yard! It’s practically a jungle of gorgeous flowers!

Kelsie was giving Kate Middleton a run for her money with those snazzy white gloves.

This was Kelsie’s husbands fancy hat…


And a happy Diamond Day to everyone! As always feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Kelsie & Christina