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Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Cheeseburger Cake. June Diamond Day.

June 23rd is Christina’s brothers birthday and it just so happens that about a week prior to his birthday he won a draw at work to have a fancy cake made just for him. After a little discussion with the cakes maker, Angela, it was settled…a cheeseburger cake would make a lovely birthday cake. (with a milkshake and side of poutine of course!)

This thing was SO BIG and awesome. We obviously took way too many pictures of it…how could you not!?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Matthew and a HUGE kudos to Angela for making such an insanely crazy cool cake!

Fitting it in the fridge was no easy task! Number one it’s super heavy and number two…if you haven’t noticed yet…it’s REALLY BIG!!

of course Christina had to get some shots with this sucker!


Kelsie & Christina


Adyson’s 1st birthday!

Adyson and her family are new friends of Diamond Cake and we can’t wait to work with them again! Adyson’s birthday was full of cake smashing, costume changes and lots and lots of presents for the birthday girl! She is so adorable and just beamed for the camera!

Thanks to Jordain and Ben for letting us share in her 1st birthday!

The Birthday girl!!



The Chases. Edmonton Family Portrait Session.

Where do we even begin with this adorable family? we LOVE the Chases. Meredith and Morgan make some amazingly cute childern and photographing them was a dream!



Erica & Gerald. Two Hills Wedding.

Erica and Gerald are part of Diamond Cake’s family so naturally we had an amazing day with them when they tied the knot on May 7,2011 ! We shot another wedding in the same hall in Two Hills, Alberta last summer and it was really neat to see how different it looked just with how they chose to decorate! The orange was so stunning and perfect with the bridesmaids dresses!

The ladies all got ready together, including 3 flower girls and one mini flower girl. Erica was like Kate Middleton with all her attendants. They were all so adorable.

Erica is not your typical bride…and we LOVE that. she did her own makeup and cracked open a beer to get ready for the ceremony.

The ceremony was really nice and full of a lot of love. Gerald’s two daughters where honored by receiving roses from their dad and new stepmom. It was really nice to see how much they included the girls!

After the ceremony we headed out to Erica’s aunt’s lake, where we took all the formal photos. It was so laid back and we even finished with tons of time to spare. Erica and Gerald’s love really showed through in their photos and was amazing to photograph!

The reception and dance was just as fun as the rest of the day! The Two Hills crew always know how to have a good time! Lots of laughing and dancing!