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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Hipster birthday fest. april diamond day.


we decided that to celebrate we’d throw a “hipster” themed birthday party. I was so amazed at the effort everyone put into to look effortlessly cooler than everyone else. AMAZING! And decorating was way too much fun since it didn’t actually have to look “good” haha. obscure drinks, loud noise music, skinny jeans, facial hair and chest tattoos rounded out the evening quite nicely!

everyone had to “sign my blog” and there was temporary knuckle tattoos for whoever wanted them.

There was cake and AMAZING gifts from my fabulous friends. look at the diamond painting that my friend paul did (he knows me too well) isn’t it gorgeous!? and yes, that is the entire boyband ‘NSYNC in the form of bobbleheads. That gift came from diamond cake’s very own kelsie!

and to honor DIAMOND CAKE paul made the greatest chest tattoo of all time! who thinks he should get that permanently? we most certainly do! walking advertisement!!

plastic framed glasses were obviously a staple of the night…insta-hipster! those real-d 3-d ones work quite nicely!

Then we had more than a little fun hamming it up for our streamer-booth!

HAPPY HIPSTER BIRTHDAY CHRISTINA! and happy diamond day to all our fans! as always we hope you enjoyed the post and we welcome any feedback!




Kelsie & Cody.

While we were in Cabo shooting a destination wedding this past week I snapped a few photos of my gorgeous partner and her amazing husband cody. These two are so perfect for eachother and they just happened to match one of the nights we went out to dinner so, obviously i snapped some shots to capture their cuteness!
These two were married almost 2 years ago at their own fabulous destination wedding in tulum, mexico. Please note that none of these (minus the adorable bartender photos) were posed. just perfect love captured with a camera while we waited to eat. I am so grateful to be in business with my best friend and i am even more grateful that she has such a great husband that i get along great with! These two are some of the greatest people in the world!
and heres a couple snaps of Kelsie and I that Cody took…what do you think? should Diamond Cake give him a shot?

Preview: Tessa & Kent’s Cabo wedding.


Stayed tuned for the full post next week




isla. edmonton newborn portraits.

Kelsie has known isla’s mom and pop for over 10 years now. Little isla is lucky to have such amazing parents! We jumped at the opportunity to photograph their newest addition. She was so great in front of the camera…as you can see she posed quite nicely with the flower. (she didn’t let it go even when the camera wasn’t on her!) A big congrats to Ariana and Travis, isla is beautiful and such a good little baby!



Londyn. Edmonton newborn portraits.

Londyn and her mama are great friends of diamond cake. Christina and Natalie used to work together and when Natalie told her the news we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the little beauty to take some photos! a few tears and a couple costume changes later (including her adorable little oilers jersey!) Londyn loved us! Look how gorgeous her big blue eyes are! what a stunner! We can’t wait to see how this little lady grows! Another big congratulations to Natalie and Darryl on such a precious little girl!